Is Likewise A Formal Word?

Is it rude to say same to you?

The same comment applies to you.

(This can be a polite or a rude comment.).

What is the opposite of likewise?

Antonyms of LIKEWISE opposite, inversely, on the contrary, conversely, reverse, vice versa, diversely, notwithstanding, unequally, oppositely, nevertheless, contrariwise, opposing, otherwise, differently, variously, Dissimilarly, but, yet, contrarily, on the other hand.

Is likewise a professional?

But they said using likewise in a sentence anywhere is not professional or it is informal if we use likewise in a sentence.

Is as well as formal?

“Too” is the most informal but is often the best choice when speaking American English. “As well” is a little more formal than “too” and less common in American spoken English. Many Americans do use it in writing, however. “Also” is generally more common in writing than speech.

What type of word is likewise?

adverbLikewise is an adverb with three different senses. One is “similarly.” You were unimpressed with your brother’s poetry, and likewise unimpressed with his taste in music. Likewise can also mean “in addition,” and “equally.” Your new t-shirts sold well at the beach boutique, and likewise they sold well on line.

Is it polite to say likewise?

“Likewise” is more formal. So if you mean polite in terms of etiquette, protocol or good old-fashioned dignity, go with likewise.

Does likewise mean you too?

According to the dictionary: It’s an adverb and it means “in the same way,” “also,” or “similarly.” For example: I ate an apple, and Johnny did likewise. (You could also say Johnny did too). I think of this as being a cute way to say “me too.”

What does it mean when someone say likewise?

English Language Learners Definition of likewise : in the same way. : in addition. —used in informal speech to say that you share the feelings that someone else has just expressed.

Is too a formal word?

Me too. In more formal situations, we can use too immediately after the subject: You too could have a week in the sun.

How do you respond to likewise?

When someone does something likewise, they do it the same way someone else did it. Sometimes people say “likewise” to mean that they’re saying the same thing someone else just said. I used one of the little spoons to eat my soup, and my friend did likewise. “I’m happy to see you!” “Likewise!”

How do you use likewise in a sentence?

Use “likewise” in a sentence | “likewise” sentence examplesHe is our friend and likewise our leader.She mentioned how her uncle likewise had been questioned by the police.The food was excellent, likewise the wine.Her second marriage was likewise unhappy.The clams were delicious. … Just water these plants twice a week, and likewise the ones in the bedroom.More items…•

Can you say you as well?

You cannot say “as well” without a verb, so “Me/we as well” is incorrect. “We’re going to the party tonight.” “Us too.” = “We are as well.” Finally, as well as means also but cannot be used in the same place in a sentence as too: She is good at softball as well as basketball.

What can I say instead of likewise?

likewiseadditionally,again,also,besides,either,further,furthermore,more,More items…

What is another way to say same to you?

What is another word for same to you?likewiseyou tooback at youdittosameagreedthe same to yousame hereme tooseconded2 more rows

What is another way to say me too?

But I blame Donald.”…What is another word for me too?likewisedittosamesame heresecondedthat applies to me as wellthat applies to me as toome as wellsame to youagreed2 more rows

Is likewise formal or informal?

It is actually informal. It’s also rare here in the US. It certainly is not rude.

Can you say likewise when someone says have a good day?

Imagine when it comes to say goodbye, someone says: -Have a good day. -Likewise.

Is quite a formal word?

Quite is used mostly in formal discourse, much less in ordinary conversation.

What’s another word for ditto?

What is another word for ditto?copyreproductionclonedoublefacsimileduplicationlikewisethe abovethe very wordssimilarity33 more rows

What are some formal words?

Emphasis Words – Informal & FormalInformalFormallots of/ a lot ofmuch, manytons of, heaps oflarge quantities of, a number oftotallycompletely, stronglyreally, verydefinitely