Question: What Are The Main Characteristics Of Jain Miniature Painting?

What were the characteristics of the miniature paintings of India?

The miniature paintings depicted themes such as court scenes, gardens, forests, palaces, hills and valleys, deserts, life of Lord Krishna, love scenes, hunting scenes, and animal fights..

What are the distinct feature of Jain school of painting?

Portrayal of enlarged eyes, square shaped hands and portrayal of stylish figures are the main characteristic features of this school. The paintings often displayed male figures and goddesses of the Tirthankara with the use of colours like green, red, gold and blue.

Which word is most dissimilar to miniature?

other words for miniaturesmall.diminutive.little.minuscule.petite.pocket.toy.wee.

What is another word for mini?

What is another word for mini?babydiminutivelittleminiatureminusculeminutesmalltinypocketwee157 more rows

What are the main themes depicted in Rajasthani miniature paintings?

Other themes of Bani Thani paintings include portraits, court scenes, dancing, hunting, music parties, nauka vihar (lovers travelling in a boat), Krishna Lila, Bhagavata Purana and various other festivals like Holi, Diwali, Durga puja, and Dussehra.

What is the time period of Jain miniature painting?

Medieval period (8th-16th century) Most of the paintings and illustrations depict historical events, known as Panch Kalyanaka, from the life of the tirthankara.

What is the meaning of miniature paintings?

Miniature painting is a traditional style of art that is very detailed, often referred to as painting or working “in miniature”. … The word miniature comes from the terms ‘minium’ (used for the red lead paint used in illuminated manuscripts) and ‘miniare’ (Latin for ‘to color with red lead’).

What is called miniature painting?

Miniature painting, also called (16th–17th century) limning, small, finely wrought portrait executed on vellum, prepared card, copper, or ivory. The name is derived from the minium, or red lead, used by the medieval illuminators.

What do you mean by miniature?

Miniature is used to describe something which is very small, especially a smaller version of something which is normally much bigger. … A miniature is a very small detailed painting, often of a person.

Which karma is responsible for our physical body?

Pratyeka nama karmaPratyeka nama karma, which causes the being to possess an individual body.

What is the time period of Jain school?

Early history (7th century bce–c. 5th century ce) Scholars of religion generally hold that Jainism originated in the 7th–5th century bce in the Ganges basin of eastern India, the scene of intense religious speculation and activity at that time.

What are the characteristics of miniature painting?

Features of Miniature PaintingsThe colours of this style of painting are handmade and made from vegetables, minerals, indigo, conch shells, precious stones, pure gold and silver.Paintings of this style associated with the Ragas i.e. the melodies of Indian classical music.More items…•