Question: What Is A Safe And Supportive Learning Environment?

What is a supportive learning environment?

A supportive learning environment is less about the physical classroom and resources (though these are important) than it is about values and relationships.

In a genuinely supportive learning environment, every student feels valued, included, and empowered..

Why is it important to create a highly supportive environment?

Providing a supportive environment that enables followers to succeed in meeting their goals and contribute to the organization is an important element of building a team as it helps establishes that a leader not only values the contributions of followers but that they are also committed to helping them succeed.

What 5 factors make an educational environment welcoming?

What Are The Factors That Make A Positive Learning Environment?Establish a supportive learning culture. Each member of the learning community should have the feeling of connectedness. … Address Learners’ Needs. … Keep it Positive. … Provide Feedback. … Celebrate Success. … Safety. … Employ Interactive Games and Activities.

What is acceptable Behaviour from learners?

Here are some common examples of how to maintain respect: Be a good listener. Don’t be overly judgmental. Treat each learner as an individual.

What is a safe school environment?

A safe school is one where teaching and learning are not distracted; disruptions are minimized; violence, drugs, bullying and fear are not present; students are not discriminated against; expectations for behavior are clearly communicated; and consequences for infractions are consistently and fairly applied.

What does a positive classroom environment look like?

A positive environment is one in which students feel a sense of belonging, trust others, and feel encouraged to tackle challenges, take risks, and ask questions (Bucholz & Sheffler, 2009).

How do you create a supportive environment in the classroom?

Supportive learning environments can validate the presence of individuals and encourage participation and involvement. … Be Constructive.Suggestions for Students. … Make Yourself Available. … Offer Review Sessions Out of. … Post Past Exams on a Class.More items…

Why positive Behaviour is important in the learning environment?

A positive classroom environment helps improve attention, reduce anxiety, and supports emotional and behavioural regulation of students. When educators foster a positive learning culture; learners are more likely to acquire higher motivation that leads to wonderful learning outcomes.

What is a safe and supportive environment?

A safe and supportive environment is a setting in which all children can feel socially, emotionally and physically safe and valued. Why is this important for mental health and wellbeing? … Babies and young children learn about the world through their relationships and experiences.

How would you provide a safe and supportive learning environment?

THE SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS CHECKLISTKeep a clean and orderly classroom.Allow students to be openly expressive and encouraging to others.Celebrate student work in different ways.Create a list of guidelines that are “law” (ex: no name-calling, bullying, etc.)Stay calm and in control always.More items…•

Why is it important to have a supportive environment?

Creating supportive environments is one of the five action areas identified by the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion. Supportive environments offer people protection from factors that can threaten good health. They foster participation in health and let people expand their capabilities and self-reliance.

How do you create and implement an effective learning environment?

Creating an Effective Learning EnvironmentBegin to establish an effective environment on the first day of class:Interact with students right away: Learn names; anonymity discourages student engagement. … Be prepared to respond to challenges: See “Classroom Management” for details.Engage, Engage, Engage: Don’t let down once the course gets underway.

How do you create a safe environment?

Reinforce the rules.Be a role model and follow the rules yourself. Show students respect and encourage them to be successful.Make expectations clear. Keep your requests simple, direct, and specific.Reward good behavior. … Use one-on-one feedback, and do not publicly reprimand.Help students correct their behaviors.

What is a safe environment?

Environment. An absence of or control of threats of. severe harm – a safe environment does not contain active threats to child safety. If any threats do exist, they are being effectively managed and controlled by the caregiver.