Quick Answer: What Is The Noun Of Extravagant?

What is the noun form of prestigious?

prestigiously, adverbprestigiousness, noun..

Is lavish a noun?

Lavish means “generous and extravagant” as an adjective and “to give generously” as a verb. If you don’t like it when people lavish you with attention, you might appreciate a lavish spread of excellent food instead.

What is the noun for valuable?

The quality (positive or negative) that renders something desirable or valuable. (uncountable) The degree of importance given to something. That which is valued or highly esteemed, as one’s morals, morality, or belief system.

Is extravagant a word?

Extravagant is an adjective that means expensive, excessive, and over the top. … It’s an adjective associated with extremes, sometimes even to the point of absurdity.

Which is the best meaning of the word extravagant as it is used in this sentence?

The definition of extravagant is being excessive or overdone. An example of extravagant used as an adjective is the phrase an extravagant purchase which means something expensive that was bought for no reason. An example of extravagant is a plate of 15 pancakes for two people. Extremely abundant; profuse.

How do you use the word extravagant in a sentence?

Extravagant sentence examplesShe always sent extravagant gifts to her daughter. … His extravagant pretensions only served to excite ridicule. … Extravagant as this sentiment sounds, it paved the way to better things. … The couple lived a very simple life with no need for extravagant purchases.More items…

What are the synonyms for extravagant?


What is the antonym of the word extravagant?

extravagant. Antonyms: sound, sober, consistent, rational, fair, economical, frugal, careful, regular, usual. Synonyms: wild, monstrous, preposterous, absurd, prodigal, wasteful, reckless, excessive, lavish, profuse, abnormal.

What is the noun form of tough?

toughness. (uncountable) The state of being tough. (physics) Resistance to fracture when stressed.

What does extravagant mean in English?

1a : exceeding the limits of reason or necessity extravagant claims. b : lacking in moderation, balance, and restraint extravagant praise. c : extremely or excessively elaborate an extravagant display.

Is value a verb or noun?

verb. valued; valuing. Definition of value (Entry 2 of 3) transitive verb. 1 : to consider or rate highly : prize, esteem values your opinion.

What kind of word is valuable?

adjective. having considerable monetary worth; costing or bringing a high price: a valuable painting; a valuable crop. having qualities worthy of respect, admiration, or esteem: a valuable friend.

What’s an etiquette?

Etiquette, decorum, propriety imply observance of the formal requirements governing behavior in polite society. Etiquette refers to conventional forms and usages: the rules of etiquette. Decorum suggests dignity and a sense of what is becoming or appropriate for a person of good breeding: a fine sense of decorum.

Is lavishly an adverb?

lavishly adverb – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com.

What means scholar?

1 : a person who attends a school or studies under a teacher : pupil. 2a : a person who has done advanced study in a special field. b : a learned person. 3 : a holder of a scholarship.

Is Extravagant a noun or verb?

adjective. spending much more than is necessary or wise; wasteful: an extravagant shopper. excessively high: extravagant expenses; extravagant prices.

What is noun form of value?

noun. noun. /ˈvælyu/ how much something is worth.

What saturate means?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to satisfy fully : satiate. 2 : to treat, furnish, or charge with something to the point where no more can be absorbed, dissolved, or retained water saturated with salt.

Is Prestigiousness a word?

adj. Having prestige; esteemed. pres·ti′gious·ly adv. pres·ti′gious·ness n.

What part of speech is insult?

insultpart of speech:transitive verbpronunciation:ihn suhltinflections:insults, insulting, insulted12 more rows

Who is an extravagant person?

1. adjective. Someone who is extravagant spends more money than they can afford or uses more of something than is reasonable. We are not extravagant; restaurant meals are a luxury and designer clothes are out.